Representation Matters

We are dedicated to fighting ageism by recognizing and celebrating women based on their achievements and contributions rather than age.

Our Mission

Representation Matters. Across age, gender, race, skill, experience, opinion and thought.  We are inspired by women taking chances, changing lives and making an impact later in life. Our mission is to acknowledge these women while cultivating a thriving community celebrated for their unique achievements and success stories.

Our Why

For starters…

1 in 4 Americans is a


Average age of a female entrepreneur.

Average age of a female CEO.



Women business owners between 40 and 59 years old.

Utah has one of the largest gender wage gaps in the nation: women earn 30% less than men.



Utah ranks 50th in the nation for women’s equality since 2017. That is dead last folks.

Accepting Nominations!

Know a woman over the age of 40 whose influence has been truly remarkable? Perhaps she's exhibited exceptional skills, displayed outstanding leadership qualities, or shown an unwavering dedication to her endeavors. If so, we want to shine a spotlight on her achievements and celebrate her contributions!

Nominate someone you admire—or even yourself—for the prestigious 40 Over 40 Awards. While the 2024 nominations are closed, we are now accepting nominations for 2025.

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2024 Annual Celebration Gala

Don't miss out—reserve your tickets now for this event that always sells out!

The Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City September 27, 2024

Meet The Founders

Robyn Cohen

Co-Founder, 40 OVER 40 | Founder W Collective

Julia Deaver

CO-founder, 40 OVER 40 | Experience Designer, Event Producer and Chief Marketing Officer

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